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    Its impossible, it won't happen! only adapts official roms released by xiaomi. Maybe we get a third party developer to release miui 13 for our phones besides this Chinese release ofc, but ill be honest is just better to move to pixel experience at this point.
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    Basically the same as miui 12, we got almost nothing of miui 12.5 with the rom for mi 8. The 12.5 is just in name XD Even security patch is from december 2020, like WTF Some have hope that we still get a 12.5 properly and the reason is because this rom is still beta and not final release. But i...
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    You need to format data and cache.
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    Tbh, a lot of stuff is missing! it literally does not feel like miui 12.5 Idk if its suppose to be like this or not.
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    Testing OK Google on Mi 8 Explorer uses the chinese rom as its source, not the global one! Mi 8 got the stable chinese rom released but not the global one yet. Thats why we have already a stable released, while the global official rom has not been released yet.
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    Resolved Wrong Lock screen date in eu 20.4.30

    In PT-BR i dont have this issue on mi8
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    Mui 8.3 7.3.9 Mi4c

    Xiaomi, released 7.3.9 for the mi 4c.
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    Phone Too Hot - Rom Suggestions

    Indeed this is a chronic problem in Mi 4c while other Snapdragon 808 phones don't get so hot like ours do so easily! And because of this phone being a freaking pocket heater, it starts throttling really bad when it reach's high temperatures To me you have two things that you can do: Change the...
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    8.2.1 Stable - Virus!

    It's your pc dude! Or in any pc you have used skype on!
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    Update To Android 7. Is It Worth Now?

    I thought this was a problem to, did not know about mpdecision and i even complained in miui forum like a moron :(! But indeed the two last cores work! See: /\ just a few days ago i made this score! Remember, you need to turn off battery restrictions on the battery menu when you are going...
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    Twrp-3.0.3-1-libra By Andropax For Android Nougat

    You need to flash the Chinese official xiaomi devoloper rom first using fastboot and then you need to unlock your phone using the official tool and then you flash this twrp recovery, it's made for nougat only! So if the last fastboot rom that you have flashed was a lollipop one, this twrp made...
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    Share Your Unlock Experience.

    See -
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    Share Your Unlock Experience.

    /\ read my post above!
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    Share Your Unlock Experience.

    As always, xiaomi unlock system sucks so bad! Its pure garbage! A pile of horse s**t! Several users are facing the same problem! You apply to unlock and then you receive the SMS granting you permission to do so, but if try to use the unlock tool, it...
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    Mi4c Android 5.1 To Android 7.0

    Yeah, it came pretty ****ed up for something that was a month(give or take) in closed beta and god knows how long it was in development before that! Right now, the nougat miui rom is not worth it to use!
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    Android 7 Mi4c Battery Issues

    Put your phone in fastboot mode, then use minimal adb and fastboot tool to put the phone in edl mode, then the rest of the tutorial of this post - Point miflash to this folder \/! and select flash all option in...
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    Share Your Unlock Experience.

    Do you mean unlock it using the official tool or using edl? I did this back then with beta 7.1.4 and i unlock it with edl because there were several bugs and i don't like the chinese rom, so i flashed 7.1.4 just out of curiosity back then! After some tests i used edl to unlock the bootloader...
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    Mi4c Bloccato Dopo Aggiornamento

    English! This is a english forum dude!
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    Share Your Unlock Experience.

    Again... This happens because the information needs time to update in the xiaomi servers! It's not instant! So you will need to wait a couple of days before using the official unlock tool! In other words, this problem happens when the phone information(rom version, build and etc) hasn't been...
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    Android 7 Mi4c Battery Issues

    You don't know how to install twrp so you mixed up my tutorial with another one? You probably messed up something? Indeed your english is pretty bad, its hard to understand exactly what you mean :(! Anyway there is always a way to revive a device! Follow my tutorial dude, first you put your...