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    Is there an official way to submit bugs/issues ?

    Hello, would you tell me what is the official way to submit bugs/issues to the developper team ? Thank you
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    Reboot on sms reception

    My MIUI reboot on some sms reception (about 1 lost for 2 sms). So, I lose this message. Would you solve this issue ? The issue is for : o 1.7.22 o 1.7.29 with wipe all Thank you
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    Reboot on vertical slide with go launcher

    Hello, I have installed go launcher because I do not like the MIUI launcher. Go launcher works very well on MIUI ROM, except when I made a vertical slide the ROM is reboot. The slide is a vertical slide to the top on the shortcut icone in the bottom bar. The reboot is not a full reboot...
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    Full Screen Caller ID does not answer to call

    I use the application Full Screen Caller ID to have the photo or a video of the caller. However, this application does not answer when some make a call. I am pretty sure that the bug is not in the application but in this ROM.
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    Full screen caller id does not work

    Hello, I have installed the app Full Screen Caller Id to have the picture or a animation of the picture of my caller in full screen. This application does not work. When I receive a call, the MIUI screen appear instead of Full Screen Caller Id I am on 1.6.24 FR, Nexus One
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    How to ask a change request, how to warn for a bug ?

    I am new on this forum. How to ask a change request, how to warn for a bug ? Directly in this forum or is there a specific tool like bugzilla ? Thanks