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    SMS background

    ur persistence paid off, glad u got it sorted. Yeah MIUI can be a pain at times, but overall no other roms come close 4 me
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    SMS background

    Hey, Not sure what's happening at your end, I modify most of my themes that way with no probs, if you want, you can post your I'll make the changes for u. Post here or xda, Or if you're an xda member pm me n I'll try n walk through it with u Let me know P.s. just...
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    SMS background

    Hi, I posted a fix for this a while back on xda, I'm on my phone so its quicker if I just post the link:
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    PowerAmp V2.0 not compatible with MIUI

    Is there any way to make MIUI compatible with PowerAmp V2.0? The current version (V1.4) works except for the known issue of the progress bar not displaying correctly, but the knew version will completely freeze the phone. I've posted on the PowerAmp forum but the dev said its an issue with...
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    New PowerAmp V2.0 Beta freezes on MIUI

    Hi its all in the title, i know there has been an issue with the progress bar in v1.# of PA, n i can live with that, but now the issue is the v2.0 beta of PowerAmp will not run at all & freezes the phone. ive posted & emailed the dev a crash log but he said its an MIUI issue, so it will not...