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    Downgrade to official global rom

    Hello, I currently have the beta rom on my poco f2 pro. I need to reset it to the factory state, by that I mean, install the official global rom, close the bootloader as well as remove the custom recovery and any traces of the rom. Informed, but I would like to be sure of the...
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    Custom bootanimation

    Hello, I am on the beta version of the ROM. I would like to install a custom bootanimation, how can this be done? I tried to access / system to go to / media, except it doesn't exist. Could there be another way, I specify that my phone is not rooted. I would also like to roll back...
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    Bootloop to TWRP. Can't boot on miui

    Hello, I really need your help please. I had a problem with the encryption. So I tried to flash the rom. And now I find myself on twrp everytime I reflash the ROM, tried to erase stuff but nothing helped, the phone always reboots to TWRP. I'm trying to solve this problem by going to the forums...