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    [How To] add a new locale to the settings ?

    Hi there, I am french and I'm tired of french ports arriving late and especially add new bugs, so as I am quite happy with the english language, I'd like to use your versions, but one thing is missing for me : The keyboard is QWERTY, and dates are written in english, how can I add a new...
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    Silent mode in lockscreen ?

    Hi there, I did not find a lockscreen with the capability of turning on/off silent mode. I disabled the power button menufrom lockscreen so I have to unlock it each time... Is there a trick I don't know yet ? Thanks :)
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    MIUI Community - What device do you want to see running MIUI?

    MIUI is the best Android rom I saw, I love the way it's thinked and I juste can't go back to "Classic" Android... I hope the Desire S device will be full supported soon :))