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    Volume Rocker Button (side) only works on Home Screen to control Volume level?

    i've noticed this problem on previous 2 build of MIUI, which usually I still manage to control volume level by using the Side Volume Rocker button on any screen Im at (i mean on any apps im on..).. Do any of you guys having such problem? My device is HTC HD2.
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    Xiaomi Phone hands-on (PROTOTYPE) - Credit to & site.

    Video - Pictures - what do you think Guys?
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    Smaller Upgrade Package on weekly updates?

    I've noticed from the official Chinese MIUI forum, they did provide some special package so called "Upgrade Package" which is slightly smaller (7~8mb) size compare to our weekly update @ 110mb which quite hefty for some... does it possible for provide such convenient upgrade...
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    1.8.12 ROM - Did you found any bug???

    I can't believe how perfect this build was until I can't find any bug anymore!! I'm On HTC HD2 btw... Share your experience here!! Big Thank You To MIUI!!!
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    Miren Browser Can't COPY Text??? [Solved]

    Hey guys this is my first time using miren browser on MIUI build. Everything was perfect until I found out that i can't copy any texts from the browser by long pressing on the text that I want to copy. Can anyone cobfirm this?? Or just a bug on 1.7.29 build? I'm on HTC HD2.