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  1. imanesaurus

    [help]Blu Dash 4.5

    attached a logcat, so everyone can help your problem Sent from my C5303 using Tapatalk 2
  2. imanesaurus

    Patchrom help needed

    Hi guys. i wanna port miui using patchrom to xperia sp. but i have this problem >>> build out/framework-miui-res.apk... /home/pirmansaah/patchrom/tools/apktool --quiet d -f /home/pirmansaah/patchrom/miui/XHDPI/system/framework/framework-miui-res.apk out/framework-miui-res ls: cannot access...
  3. imanesaurus

    [HELP] Keyboard won't show in ported MIUI V5

    Needed help, I ported MIUI V5 to my galaxy tab 2, but have a problem the keyboard won't show. I think its because this rom think that my tab 2 have an physical keyboard. So if anyone know how to disable physical keyboard on miui v5 please feel free to help me. :D Nb: i've already edit bools.xml...
  4. imanesaurus

    [Help] Lockscreen Extremely Lags

    i think so. but, i want use the another cool lockscreen but it's lag like default MIUI screen. so there is no other way to fix that? :( thanks for your help
  5. imanesaurus

    [Help] Lockscreen Extremely Lags

    hi guys. i need help. i've ported 2 miui version (2.8.10) and (2.11.9) to my devices but the lockscreen still lags when i want to unlock it in both version. and then when i play a music, the music stopped when i lock the screen, and music control in lockscreen is extremely lag. but if i use...