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  1. Nik Tsouk

    Does PiP (picture in picture) work for you?

    I am on latest weekly 8.10.18 and PiP doesn't work. In fact i think it never worked since i upgraded to Android Pie. I have PiP allowed in settings but it doesn't work neither on youtube or Maps. Any feedback?
  2. Nik Tsouk

    Mi8 Stuck in Mi + android logo

    So i just got my Mi 8. Came with unlocked bootloader. Booted up fine on global stable. Did some hardware tests and was all good. Then i iprepared to install xiaomi eu rom. 8.7.26 I installed the latest twrp 3.2.3. Wiped data and internal storage. Copied rom to phone. Flashed and wiped caches...