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  1. Symy17

    Broken screen xiaomi mi 11 pro

    Hi, unfortunately I broke my xiaomi mi 11 pro screen, i want to buy New one with frame, any store to buy a original parts? Enviado do meu M2102K1AC através do Tapatalk
  2. Symy17

    Xiaomi mi 11 pro mi flash Cannot detect my device

    Hi need help, i got unlocked bootloader, i bought in tradingshenzhen with unlocked bootloader, but i need to update my stable ROM, but the thing is, when i try to conect via mi unlock tool cant find my device, but with xiaomi mi tool and minimal adb i can find my device, so i need to...
  3. Symy17

    Xiaomi mi 11 pro global

    Good afternoon, I am interested in buying a xiaomi mi 11 pro, I would like to know if anyone has the xiaomi mi 11 pro with global ROM I and how has been experience with this ROM day by day, the installation process is difficult? Enviado do meu MI 8 através do Tapatalk