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  1. Fortinho

    Miui 10 Launching Soon...

    Ask Xiaomi.
  2. Fortinho

    MIUI 9 7.8.17

    That's great, thank you!
  3. Fortinho

    Redmi Note 4 Qualcomm (india) And Redmi Note 4x (china) Have Same Rom/codename?

    Hi there! I'd like to ask: do the RN4 Qualcomm sold in India and the RN4X sold in China have the same ROM and/or the same codename? Basically they're the same phone, they differ only for some network support (and if you think about Mi3 and Mi4 which share the ROM..). Thank you!
  4. Fortinho

    MIUI 8.2 6.12.8

    Flashed on my Xiaomi Mi 5 without wipes. No problems, thank you! Anyway third parts themes won't work and can't get root permissions work good after flashing last SuperSU beta. Plus, security patches are from August, but I guess newers causes problems :)
  5. Fortinho

    Chinese Developer Rom Released - Please Consider A Release Of The Xiaomi Rom Now you need "only" TWRP.
  6. Fortinho

    Eu Rom Is Okay Now.

    Should be multilanguage. Yes, normal fastboot flash.
  7. Fortinho

    Will There Be An Rom For The Mi5s?

    ROM and TWRP are out for Mi 5s.
  8. Fortinho

    Eu Rom Is Okay Now.

    Mi 5s TWRP --> LINK
  9. Fortinho

    Sorry, I saw only now that.

    Sorry, I saw only now that.
  10. Fortinho

    Mi4 Brick, No Issues

    Try to flash Custom Recovery via fastboot and flash a ROM via Custom Recovery.
  11. Fortinho

    MULTI 6.1.21

    Oh cool, I have already merged partition too! I'll flash via TWRP then, thanks.
  12. Fortinho

    MULTI 6.1.21

    You flashed 6.1.21 via TWRP? Because I'm on 6.1.12 Beta and TWRP, but the MiRecovery you can find on internet is very old, and doesn't support merged systems..
  13. Fortinho

    Redmi Note 3 Multi Language Rom?

    Obviously not. The ROM is out anyway ----> LINK
  14. Fortinho

    Android 6.0 Source Code Released!!!

    MIUI 8.8.6, Android "6.0 M" and those strange icons let think it's fake.
  15. Fortinho

    Android 6.0 Source Code Released!!!

    Ivan is working on Mi3 for Marshmellow AOSP:
  16. Fortinho

    Android 6.0 Source Code Released!!!

    I'm hoping on Ivan's AOSP, but I'm not sure he'll work on it. Last year AOSP Lollipop came on November. The other hope is that M1cha have not many problems (or not at all) to work quickly on the EFIDroid stuff, so he can start to focus on CM13. But there's to wait a little to firsts CM, and also...
  17. Fortinho

    Moonlight roms[Linaro- sabermod toolchain]

    Another ROM: CM-Temasek
  18. Fortinho

    [rom] Sudamod 5.1

    I have this problem too, but it's also releated to the network you're connected. In fact, with three different network of three different houses only one of them gives me the problem like yours. Just to say that should be a not only ROM releated problem, but don't know what could be the reason.
  19. Fortinho

    [rom]-- Smiui Rom -- Ultimate Custom Rom --[multilang,stable/weekly]

    Oh ok, good to know, I didn't wait after the error. Great chinese servers..