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  1. MAMAC

    New Call delay bug

    In weekly rom bug that i have (even when i do factory install) there is anoying outgoing call delay bug. I have a friend and he have global rom (im think its note 9) and im on weekly eu rom (mi 10). His device when u hit call button instanly switch 4g or 4g+ to 3g or even 2g. On my phone he wait...
  2. MAMAC

    New Notification sounds bug

    I have wierd bug in last 2 miui 13 or 3 (latest miui 12) weekly rom. Most apps like gmail and others dont play notification sound. Only vibrate. I try many sounds including customs, sometime (20-30%) they play and most they not. I did google alot but nothing ussefull.
  3. MAMAC

    TWRP for Android 12 (MI 10, and other models )

    Hello i will try to explane in few lines how to get working twrp on latest dev version on android 12. ONLY TESTED ON MI 10 UMI !!!! Before u upgrade (of u can reupgrade again if u did already) go to fastboot and install this TWRP - MI 10 or twrp from camerado folder that seems even better...
  4. MAMAC

    Rom notification sounds

    Hello, i just want to ask does anyone know why xiaomi rom make all app notification sounds default system. Most of my apps or doesent have factory notification like idk steam skype discord whatscapp etc etc. Its very anoying and i need to download manualy every app sound and go in 100 options to...
  5. MAMAC

    New Mi 10 Face unlock bug

    Hello in latest 2 releases of weekly rom there is bug in "Show notification details after verifying face data". Actualy he dont even hide any notification when u turn on that option.
  6. MAMAC

    Hardware bug?

    Hello, im using mi 10 and last week i hear some sound inside a phone when i shaking the phone. When i open (power up camera) sound dissappear. Its like something is unleashed inside when camera is nit working. Do i need to worry? Everything seems to work fine. Im afraid to call service because...
  7. MAMAC

    New Mi10 bugs on latest weekly rom

    Hello, latest weekly rom make system much better/faster/less battery drain, but there is still some bugs. Maybe eu devs can solve it or we will wait china devs to solve it but i will post it anyway. 1. From android 11 (first rom) till now, reboot end screen take so long, and there is animation...
  8. MAMAC

    [Tutorial] Battery drain & lag after OS update

    Hello, many people complain about battery drain & lags after OS update. This method maybe can help u. Lest first explane why and what this method do. Tutorial is taken from chinese xiaomi fans. Probably each of you was faced with high battery consumption in the first 3-4 days after updating or...
  9. MAMAC

    [TOOL] AppManager (ROOT)

    Hello, today i want to share with u some nice tool that u can use on rooted devices. This tool can do much things, but one that i loved is that AM manager can "uninstall" applications. In fact AM tool dont uninstall it like removing apk (android 10/11 dynamic partition), but this tool do...
  10. MAMAC

    [GUIDE] TWRP - ROOT - XPOSED Tutorial [Xiaomi Mi 10]

    Android 10/11 (tested on latest weekly rom MIUI 12.2 (20.10.16) Hello, i want to share with u a simplefied tutorial how to: I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE, DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK !!! TWRP Before installing custom recovery called TWRP u need to unlock bootloader. Be sure that u enable...
  11. MAMAC

    Mi 10 battery

    Hello, i install eu rom 3 days ago (came from global) hopping that it will get a bit battery benefit. But i can say that battery is pretty same. Maybe its me, i came from mate 30 pro where in stand by mode mate keep 100% for 8-12h.... And when i wathing yt i lose like 2-3% per hour. Here i...
  12. MAMAC

    Latest Xiaomi MiPhoneAssistant (PC Suite) (ENG)

    Hello, i want to share my translation of working xiaomi assistant for Mi 10 (possibly other too). My phone didnt connect on any other except this one so i decite to try to translate it. Im hopping that u will be satisfied. Also flash rom and recovery things i didnt test becuz i didnt want to...
  13. MAMAC

    A question?

    Hello, im currently on global 12.0.3 stable, on MI 10 8/256, 5g. I read here many threads about bugs. Is it safe to go to eu stable? What to expect? Much more bugs? Regards
  14. MAMAC

    3g/2g Only Mod

    I know that there is mtk test feature *#*#4636#*#* but when i switch to 3g for example he turn back in 10 second to prefered... Is there any option any chance that this community when they making rom edit that feature to enable to us 2g/3g only or lte only mod. Regards
  15. MAMAC

    Chinese Rom

    I found this Did anyone try it and why eu dont make this for non chinese ppl...
  16. MAMAC

    Camera Sound Problem

    Hello, i have new redmi pro device, so i didnt care alot about camera, but yesterday i turn on record on camera... when i watch video there was some strong anoying sound behind... then i start to inspect problem, i download doesents cameras from play store and whenever i turn on photo camera or...
  17. MAMAC

    2g /3g Toggle

    Hello, i cant find any working widget for 2g/3g network switch... Before this phone i have samsung s4 with custom rom and this apk do the job. Toggle Network Type 5.0 from xda I try this on on redmi pro but no work, also i try every what i can google it, no luck. Does anyone know is there any...