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  1. Rroma

    Invalid "Facebook keeps stopping" POCO F4 GT

    The Facebook app does not open on POCO F4 GT. MIUI 13.0.9 Stable. I downloaded old versions of Facebook and they didn't work either, I also granted the necessary permissions. Does anyone know how to fix the error?
  2. Rroma

    How to apply the original MIUI font?

    Hello, do you know how I can put the original MIUI font? The font is confusing on Facebook, and other apps. It is very thin and the bold font is not very noticeable.
  3. Rroma

    Is it possible to change the sensitivity of the volume bar?

    Hello!! One thing that bothers me about this ROM is the volume bar, which increases or decreases very little by pressing the volume +/- buttons. Mi 9T Stable