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  1. beryllium30

    Playback Problems In Pocketcast

    Hey short question After updating to the newest weekly rom I have a problem that faster playback in pocketcast stutters and lags a lot. Reverting to an older version doesnt work. Currently its on the SDcard, but until now I never had any problems. Any help would be appreciated. It...
  2. beryllium30

    MIUI 9 7.10.26

    I think this rom has problems with read speeds. It suddenly can't load saved information as fast and lags quiet a bit with faster playback.
  3. beryllium30

    MIUI 9 7.10.26

    Anyone else having problems with faster playback. When I use 2.5x in pocketcasts it lags a lot and makes weird sounds like it can't buffer enough. Any ideas?