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    Anti-Rollback Protection and ROMs.

    Hello! I know your roms don't increase the ARP counter, but are they affected by it? Let's say I'm on a official ROM with ARP 4 and want to flash a rom based on a ROM with ARP 1, will I brick?
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    Android 10 based MIUI is finally available for Redmi 8 EEA. Is it polished and bug free?

    So the update was available for a while if you're on Global and it just released for EEA devices. I honestly thought that they'll skip it and only release the version on EEA. If what I'm reading is correct, it was released a while ago for China and apparently some of the Global users...
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    android 11 ?

    Android 10 was released nearly a year ago, it was already out when the Redmi 8 was released and Xiaomi is only now getting around to updating our phone to it. Judging by this we'll have to wait for about 8 months before any news on the Android 11 update and probably over a year if it even...
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    Do you remove spyware in your roms?

    Hello, I don't want to get into a discussion of whether Xiaomi spies on you or not. I'm just asking if when developing your custom roms you take measures to remove, block or limit any trackers, telemetry or any other type of data collection? Thank you for your work and have a nice day!
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    Installing the rom with TWRP, LOLZ kernel and Magisk.

    Hello! I have a Redmi 8 4/64 with a Global Android 9 MIUI11 EEA rom and I would like to switch to with TWRP, the LOLZ kernel and Magisk. Could someone a bit more experienced with the device please tell me if those four are compatible with each other? Will I get OTA...
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    OLIVE vs OLIVE_EEA, warranty after unlocking the bootloader and ROMs?

    Thank you very much for your answer!
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    OLIVE vs OLIVE_EEA, warranty after unlocking the bootloader and ROMs?

    Hello! I recently bought a Redmi 8, it came with a Global ROM that I updated to MIUI which shows up as the latest version. I'm in EU, and the code name shows up as OLIVE_EEA in the Hidden Settings app. What are the differences between the OLIVE and OLIVE_EEA variants? Is this device...