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  1. Igor Eisberg

    Invalid Notification shade

    And why are you reporting this as a bug? Because you don't like it? Why waste our time? Settings -> Notifications & status bar -> Quick settings layout -> Compact
  2. Igor Eisberg

    MULTI 9.1.17

    Mi Video doesn't support Chromecast/Google Cast. It only supports Mi Link, which as far as we know is supported on the Chinese Mi Box (not Android TV). Play Store: Settings -> Manage apps -> Google Play Store -> Clear data -> Clear all data. Themes: Settings -> Manage apps -> Themes ->...
  3. Igor Eisberg

    WiFi 2.4GHz issue with (stable) on Mi Mix

    If you live in the EU, you can try to manually edit build.prop and change ro.miui.wifi.region from GB to your country code. That might prevent you from using 5GHz hotspot (or might not), but other than that you should be able to see all supported channels in your country.
  4. Igor Eisberg

    MULTI 9.1.17

    Settings -> Manage apps -> File Manager -> Enable. Official MIUI bugs, nothing we can do here.
  5. Igor Eisberg

    Invalid Camera2API doesn't work [Weekly 9.1.17 on Mi MAX 3]

    We don't really care whether it worked for you on stable. Your device does not have a proper implementation of Camera2 API. Forcing it to use Camera2 API will cause unexpected behavior, and we don't provide support for this kind of tinkering. Something not working as you expect it to work is not...
  6. Igor Eisberg

    Invalid Miui 10 dev. No Bluetooth battery indicator percentage

    We don't have that headset to test this...
  7. Igor Eisberg

    Resolved [WEEKLY] Messaging App -- Temp Fix

    No, will be included in the next public release...
  8. Igor Eisberg

    MULTI 9.1.17

    Explain how it crashes, post a screenshot of the crash summary, not this useless crash dialog... Obvious stuff.
  9. Igor Eisberg

    MULTI 9.1.17

    Themes app crashes? Then why can't you post a screenshot of the crash summary?
  10. Igor Eisberg

    MULTI 9.1.17

    Then the themes you're trying to import may not be supported. I don't have any problem with importing themes.
  11. Igor Eisberg

    HINT - Enavling VoLTE and VoWIFI on MIUI V10 roms!

    That code doesn't necessarily enables VoLTE, it overrides operator VoLTE-support check, and forces it to show as supported in the settings screen. It's a debugging/testing code and not meant to be used by end-users. We have a Hungarian user with actual VoLTE support, and it's available without...
  12. Igor Eisberg

    MULTI 9.1.17

    Settings -> Manage apps -> Themes -> Uninstall updates.
  13. Igor Eisberg

    MULTI 9.1.17

    No more Android 6.0 devices here. The text bug is an official issue and was reported on official MIUI bug section.
  14. Igor Eisberg

    About MIUI EU ROM

    It's not an official ROM. It's a custom ROM based on official China ROM. We do our own mods and add our own features ourselves. We have no contact with Xiaomi devs.
  15. Igor Eisberg

    About MIUI EU ROM

    Can you rephrase what you just wrote in proper English? It's unintelligible.
  16. Igor Eisberg

    Resolved Mi8Lite bug dual 4g sim weekly 9.1.17

    Don't know, same issue on MI 5. So were you able to set "Preferred network type" for each SIM individually?
  17. Igor Eisberg

    Invalid Bug on mi mix 3

    That's fine. It's used to make your device pass SafetyNet test.
  18. Igor Eisberg

    Resolved [WEEKLY] Messaging App -- Temp Fix

    I added a link specifically for Android 6.0, try it.
  19. Igor Eisberg

    MULTI 9.1.17

    Known. Nope. Should not have bought a device with the dreaded notch. And please, if you're using third-party mods, don't report bugs here at all.
  20. Igor Eisberg

    MIUI 10 MIUI 10.0/10.1/10.2 STABLE RELEASE

    Double tap to sleep on lockscreen only works with default lockscreen. If your theme has a custom lockscreen, it won't work. Use the default theme lockscreen.