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    HELP with [MOD] Extended Settings Menu Options

    The previous version (1.12.16) of MIUI Extended Settings work with MIUI 1.12.23 Version... I'm currently using it on my Captivate...
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    [MOD]V5 Multilanguage T9 dialer

    No, this is my first time using it...
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    [MOD]V5 Multilanguage T9 dialer

    I did tried it... Here is the ""
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    [MOD]V5 Multilanguage T9 dialer

    I did, I did continued, but it didn't changed anything on my dialer.
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    [MOD]V5 Multilanguage T9 dialer

    Device: Samsung Captivate (Galaxy's Phone) MIUI version: 1.10.7~8 I have tried to MOD this to my phone, but "Korean" isn't working at all... During the installation, I did got a message saying, "The file that is needed is changed ... !%(#@$%" Anyway to fix this problem???
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    [MOD] Extended Settings Menu Options

    Hello, Andy. First, let me start with how much I LOVE your work! I hope you can keep up with what you are doing! Mainly, I'm here to let you know that the newer version of SIAM was released with Captivate-capability. I have waited it for so long, and finally got contact with Ghost1227...
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    [MOD] Extended Settings Menu Options

    Can you please make this work on Samsung Captivate? I have already trying connecting with SIAM developer, But for some reason, he doesn't reply back.
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    1.8.5 Captivate Language Pack: Error!

    1.8.5 Original files works fine, but when I install Language Pack the phone stop processing from the KERNEL splash-screen!!!
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    Captivate Micro SD memory card: Not readable?

    I current have 2GB micro SD memory card. I have been using this card on 2.1/2.2 STOCK ROM and older version of MIUI, But on 1.7.8 beta MIUI, I get the following (picture) message and can't see the SD card folder on File Manager- HELP~! -SD card inserted: -SD card not inserted:
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    [FONTS] Theme Manager Fonts [UPDATE 4/2]

    Can you post a link to download every single thing in one or two .zip files?
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    [Captivate] External-SDcard not readable!

    I'm currently running 1.6.10 on my Captivate... I have been using 2GB external-SDcard, But right after 1.6.10 download (I don't know if it's after/before the language pack installation) I can't explorer the card... But when I insert it, on the notification bar, I get the msg saying...
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    1.6.3 Theme Manager FC

    I'm currently using Captivate... (Galaxy's phone) and I flashed this file, but it still doesn't theme my phone (Just no FC was fixed...)
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    [Q] [SUGGESTION] Ability to search contact by their nickname ON DIAL.apk

    Can you add the function, Where you could type a nickname on T9 keyboard on Dial.apk And it will show up their real name and numbers??? Thank You, Love your ROM!!!
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    Battery percentage not too accurate!!!

    I'm currently using Captivate MIUI 1.6.3. I have been using MIUI ROM from the version 1.5.13 (2011/05/13) And I was disappointed by the fact that not one have reported this bug or have fixed this bug... Anyway, for what I have observed... Battery drown really fast from 100~80%, and...
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    Sgs bottom buttons not working right

    What model are you using??? "Original -> I9000" or "Captivate/Fascinate/etc."
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    Slow TimePicker scrollers inside a ScrollView
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    Side scroller in Backup|System not scrolling

    Well, if you are using 1.6.3, wait for fix version to be release next week... If it's 1.5.27, try clearing cache of "Backup.apk" from the application management...
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    1.6.3 Theme Manager FC

    You could apply theme by waiting after FC... After hitting "apply" button, FC will be shown, then wait until the theme screen turns to black... Now hit Force Close the app, and reboot your phone... **** This method worked on my Captivate device, not 100% sure for DesireZ!! ***
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    SMS new message have no contacts...

    Try downloading latest version with language pack b1... I think this would solve your problem
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    SMS new message have no contacts...

    Few Questions for u: 1) What contact storage r u using? (Phone, Google, etc.) 2) Does all of ur 120 contacts have phone number? *If it doesn't, SMS.apk doesn't show u no-numbered contacts, in order to make it easier for users... It seems like there is few bugs in the contact storage...