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  1. BeYoann

    SD-Card Crash... forced wipe all.. someone got this ?

    Hi, Yesterday was about just to upload on my sdcard some background by USB My SDCard had 2 partitions . 1 ext3 for A2SD+ 1GB and 1 FAT32... all was working like a charm since 2.3.9 version MiUI first time I installed. I put many application and used as USB disk couple of time my phone...
  2. BeYoann

    Kernel Android - Linux

    Hi, I was reading a nice news about Linux this morning, such as they was going to merge ANDROID and LINUX together (some part) on the latest kernel. version 3.3 Our MIUI is running an 2.6.35 kernel if I am not wrong. What are the difficulties to update the kernel to 3.3 ? or at least to the...
  3. BeYoann

    Request : Gallery improvement

    Hi, I have only one request so far it's about the gallery... can we have a setting or implement this functionality that when a long-touch occur on a folder/file that select it, a short click will deselect it, if long-touch on another folder/file will keep the currents selected folders/files...