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  1. Ville Metsälampi

    Gapps to Mi-One

    Hey, this might be a silly question but here we go: The thing is I really can't get gapps to work in my m1 after flashing latest ROM. I tried flashing the gapps-ics-20120429-signed and tried also to include it to rom but still no effect. Anyone else having troubles with this issue?
  2. Ville Metsälampi

    Mi-One Battery

    Hey! I don't know about other users here having M1 but my phone has something seriously wrong with the battery. Many times a day my phone keeps restarting without any warning (esp. when calling) and after the phone boots again the battery is almost empty. Anyone else experienced same? Here...
  3. Ville Metsälampi

    In Progress Data usage warning

    Device: Xiaomi Mi-One Plus ROM: MIUI 2.5.25 So after some data use my device started to pop-up this notification to status bar: Data usage warning: Touch to view usage and settings clicking it -> no reaction This all though is probably on this build only?
  4. Ville Metsälampi

    In Progress MIUI 3G network and APN's gone

    After I finally got miui v4 installed, I decided to hit the update icon to update to the newest build.(2.5.15). After that my mi-one have been showing "no service" all though I am having 2g connection to make calls, msg etc. I think the newest build caused APN's to disappear and now I am not...