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    [ROM] FascinateMTD 1.12.30

    Sorry for the delay. Here's the last MIUI release of 2011! Hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year! I have upgraded the kernel to Glitch v13.1. This should eliminate the random keyboard pop-ups. :) If you come across any bugs, please upload a logcat and I'll take a look. Its very hard to...
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    [ROM] Samsung Fascinate 1.11.4

    *** DELETED ***
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    markhuk, please PM me!

    I've been trying to PM markhuk, but his inbox seems to be full. Can someone please have him get in contact with me? I would like to start porting miuiandroid to the Fascinate. Thanks in advance!
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    Anybody interested in a port for the Fascinate?

    I've been porting miuiandroid to the Verizon Fascinate for the last couple weeks so I could have it on my phone and was wondering if there are any Fascinate users on miuiandroid that would like to see a weekly port for the Fascinate. I am willing to port weeklies for the Fascinate but would like...