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    1.8.5 Captivate Language Pack: Error!

    1.8.5 Original files works fine, but when I install Language Pack the phone stop processing from the KERNEL splash-screen!!!
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    Captivate Micro SD memory card: Not readable?

    I current have 2GB micro SD memory card. I have been using this card on 2.1/2.2 STOCK ROM and older version of MIUI, But on 1.7.8 beta MIUI, I get the following (picture) message and can't see the SD card folder on File Manager- HELP~! -SD card inserted: -SD card not inserted:
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    [Captivate] External-SDcard not readable!

    I'm currently running 1.6.10 on my Captivate... I have been using 2GB external-SDcard, But right after 1.6.10 download (I don't know if it's after/before the language pack installation) I can't explorer the card... But when I insert it, on the notification bar, I get the msg saying...
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    [Q] [SUGGESTION] Ability to search contact by their nickname ON DIAL.apk

    Can you add the function, Where you could type a nickname on T9 keyboard on Dial.apk And it will show up their real name and numbers??? Thank You, Love your ROM!!!
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    Battery percentage not too accurate!!!

    I'm currently using Captivate MIUI 1.6.3. I have been using MIUI ROM from the version 1.5.13 (2011/05/13) And I was disappointed by the fact that not one have reported this bug or have fixed this bug... Anyway, for what I have observed... Battery drown really fast from 100~80%, and...
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    Problem with contact.apk!?!? On MIUI 1.5.6 (RC8b)!

    I had a problem with MIUI 1.5.6 contact recogniting, it shows how it's wrong on the video below... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Temporally FIX Until Next Release!!! But thanks to...