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    Invalid No longer able to backup K20 Pro in TWRP

    In the last few MIUI 11 Beta ROM, I could no longer able do nandroid backup using TWRP. When I reboot into recovery mode, there is some red output after entering the password: E:Unhandled flag:'wrappedkey'. I am using the latest TWRP 3.3.1 provided by MIUI on each page, here the link to be sure...
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    New Sound suddenly stop working when open google assistant, K20 Pro

    I am currently using the latest beta update, 9.8.1 on my K20 Pro and when I open Google Assistant which is a widget located in the main screen (not sure if it is google assistant or voice please correct me if i call this wrong) and trying to ask google for something by voice, the sound stopped...
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    Is OEM unlocking is untick after flash Xiaomi eu?

    I have unlocked my K20 pro and then i start to flash TWRP recovery and firmware. Before the flash operation, I have checked inside both developer option and through fastboot command and see bootloader is unlocked. After flash xiaomi eu firmware, i check inside developer option and...