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    In Progress Sensation Bugs - 2.4.27

    I installed Bricked kernel v1.1 using the badass governor and am using Apex Launcher.. and battery life on MIUI 2.4.27 is excellent. My first time trying MIUI on my Sensation.. loved it on my N1 and now on my Sensation too. Much faster than Sense ever was!
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    Opera mobile 11

    Check to see if 'Opera Turbo' is enabled or not in the settings. Turn it off to allow full HTML rendering. (having it on turns it into an Opera Mini-type experience where the page is reformatted for speed/bandwidth considerations by Opera's servers)
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    This happens to me sometimes; long-click in any text field and change your input method to another keyboard, and then change back.. that usually does the trick.
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    Wifi tethering not working - N1 1.2.4

    Seems like wifi tethering isn't working, with or without security. my laptop can connect to the SSID being broadcast, but there's no internet connectivity. USB tethering works just fine. anyone else having the issue?
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    Is anyone else glad that MIUI is not open source?

    it's very ironic for anyone to say MIUI should not be open sourced out of fear of people messing it up; ironic because MIUI would never have been possible in the first place without Android being open source :)
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    Zoom for video function

    Focus during video capture is something that is really missing from the miui camera app (CM has had it for a long time), hoping it's added soon.
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    Music app Lyrics and Album Art download Issue

    guess I'm not the only one with this issue.. let's hope this bug is fixed in the next release..
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    logcat still not working (N1 11.26)

    I've never been able to get either adb logcat or the aLogcat app to do anything on MIUI, everything is just blank. Am I the only one.. is there something wrong? I don't think I'd need an insecure boot image, right?
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    Messaging: no scrollbar, no voice input

    When you scroll through a conversation in Messaging, no scrollbar appears.. so you never know how far up or down you are. also, Swype's voice input seems to work everywhere except in the Messaging app. It just never puts anything into the text box. (this is running 11.26 on my N1)
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    Change menu UI?

    11.26 gives you the best of both worlds.. hitting the menu key brings up the stock 3x2 grid, but with a nice rounded display and blue glow.. and the "iPhone-ish" white/gray settings screens are still there. Looks like they've hit the sweet spot. if only they got rid of all the orange glows in...
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    No contact photos in Messaging (11.19)

    Just to point out.. this is a new issue with 11.19.. it worked just fine in previous updates.
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    No contact photos in Messaging (11.19)

    Tried a few times, the problem still exists.. the photos show up just fine in the Contacts app, so something must be up with Messaging.. btw, all of my photos are coming via Facebook (native Facebook sync), if that makes a difference. are yours from Facebook, or from Google contacts?
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    No contact photos in Messaging (11.19)

    Using 11.19 English pack 2e on the N1.. There seems to be a bug in 11.19 that wasn't present before. The Messaging app shows no contact photos, neither in the conversation list nor in the threads themselves.
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    [HOT FEATURE] Folders in app drawer 11.19

    That's a good tip :) But it seems you'd have to manually drag every app into the folder?