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    Google Maps Navigation causes my device to lock up and vibrate constantly

    Hi all, I am running MIUI 1.11.25 on my Samsung Galaxy S and Google Maps Navigation causes my device to lock up and then constantly vibrate. The only way to stop it from vibrating is to reboot the device. I have found that if i search for a destination in Google Maps then select the...
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    Emoji Icons in default messaging application does not support IOS5.x

    Hi guys, I really like the default messaging application on MIUI but I have noticed that it does not support Emoji icons from IOS 5.x users. Emoji was not working so i switched to Handcent SMS and noticed that there was an Emoji update to support IOS 5.x devices. Is such an update...
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    Miui Music Player not downloading Lyrics

    I have never had this working, everytime I listen to music I get "Lyrics not found". Am i supposed to set the device up in a certain way in terms of ID3 information? Can i manually download lyrics and store them on the device?
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    Using MIUI ROM upside down?

    Hi guys, I use my Samsung Galaxy S in my car but as the ports are located on the top I find using the device upside down easier (as there are less wires getting in the way of my field of vision) I have changed the "Allow 180 degree rotation" option which works for google navigation but the...
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    Lossless Audio for Miui (like Cyanogenmod has)

    Hi guys, Not sure if this is the right terminology but Cyanogenmod mod has a option to allow the music player to continue to play music during notifications. I used this feature when listening to music and using Google Navigation at the same time. On the Miui ROM i couldnt find this...
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    Miui GPS Configuration for UK

    Hi guys, I was wondering whether there were any tweaks to the GPS settings which I could apply in order got get a better GPS lock on my Samsung Galaxy S i9000 After flashing Miui I have the following settings already in place: NTP Server: SUPL Server...
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    Miui Browser Text Wrapping and what exactly is Panorama Mode?

    Hi guys, Does anybody have difficulty with text wrapping on the Miui browser? I am finding that I have to zoom into the desired zoom level, change orientation and then change orientation back so that the text is wrapped. Am I missing something? Double tapping the text zooms out for me...
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    Gmail notification vibration setting + general haptic feedback intensity setting

    Hi all, I am a new user of the Miui rom, moved over from CyanogenMod 7.1 and initial impressions are that the ROM is beautiful and a joy to use. I am still playing around with the settings but I have noticed that when i received a email via the gmail app the device (Galaxy S i9000) does...