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    Wifi Calling not working at Xiaomi 11T

    Hi everybody, I switched from my old MI 9 Pro 5G to a new MI 11T with MIUI Global 12.5.6 Stabil. VoLTE und Wifi Calling was working with my MI 9 Pro 5G but if I enable the features with *#*#8694343#*#* & *#"#86583#*#*. But it's not working. Any ideas?
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    Post app crashes the whole time

    Hi, could anyone tell me how I could fix it. Since a longer time my post finance app isn't working. I always got this error: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Build fingerprint: 'Xiaomi/crux/crux:10/QKQ1.190825.002/V12.0.5.0.QFXCNXM:user/release-keys' Revision: '0' ABI: 'arm64' Timestamp...
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    Change font color / alpha channel

    Hello everybody. Could some tell me if its possible to change the font color or alpha channel? I could change the font but not the color/alpha. Thanks for help.
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    Bad voice quality with dual sim Mi9 Pro 5G

    Hey, could someone tell me why I have a bad voice quality with the second sim card? If I check with Network Cell Info Lite I got: SIM1: LTE Swisscom -98dbm 16.4 RSSNR, db and RSRQ, -9db SIM2: LTE Swisscom -98dbm 42 ASU, RSRQ, -9 For me the other site sounds normal but if I speak it must be...
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    5G but no connection with MI9 Pro 5G

    Could somone tell me what kind of 5G the MI 9 Pro 5G frequenz is using. I live in Switzerland Basel and there are a lot of 5G networks but I don`t get any connection. Only 4G. Frequenzen (FDD/TDD)SaltSwisscom 700 MHz FDD 20 MHz 30 MHz 3.5 GHz TDD 80 MHz 120 MHz Is there a chance to...
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    Can`t search contacts after Google Backup

    Hi everbody, I am using the Xiamomi MI9 Pro 5G with MIUI 11.2 / 20.1.21. I imported the Google Backup from my Samsung Galaxy and everything is fine but if I try to search a contact I don`t get it. I have to click on contacts scroll down to contact xy and use it. Is there any chance to...
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    New Mi9 Pro 5G and a lot of problems

    Hi everybody, I am really happy about my new phone but I can`t use it because I have a lot of problems. But first some informations about my new phone: - MIUI 11.2 by 20.1.9 - Google Play Store 18.3.13 It looks like there is a error with the access rights. I can`t download any apk...