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    New pyxis notification tray bug?

    Hi, I'm on weekly 21.10.27, but this bug has been around for a while for me. Unsure what exactly prompts this, but after a while of using either Youtube or Firefox, pressing at the top right of the screen induces weird behavior. Instead of executing the appropriate action (changing tabs in...
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    [INFO] Known Issues (Weekly) & FAQ

    Doesn't the fact that it disappears after a restart point to the issue being software related? Also, apps that hide the notification tray when opened do not seem to be affected
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    [INFO] Known Issues (Weekly) & FAQ

    On 21.10.27 Beta build for pyxis (Mi 9 Lite): I've noticed this bug a few weeklies back (not sure when) and the issue has so far not not not been resolved. What essentially happens is that after a while pressing at the top right corner of the screen initiates a gaussian blur (like when you...