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    New SG2 Any Build, System Volume Resetting to Max

    I'm used to keep the system volume to mute. Any of you guys is experiencing System volume issues always resetting to max value? For me, after connecting the phone to a the car bluetooth the system volume always resets to the maximum. Any fix or workaround other than having to manually lower the...
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    New Shady SMS or Dialer activated Apps not working from ver 2.11.2

    Hi All, I've been using MIUI for many years now on different phone, and I'm really grateful to the developers. Just wanted to ask why (could be a config) all applications that will launch using a particular number dialed in the dialer are not working anymore in this latest version of MIUI. Since...
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    Resolved [SGS2][2.5.4, .11] Shady SMS, Super Private Conversation, Call Manager NOT Working Anymore

    Hi All, after upgrading to these latest version of MIUI, Shady SMS, Super Private Conversation, Call Manager and all these apps that intercept Sms' and calls before they're stored in the regular app, are not working. It seems the apps cannot read or put them self in the event queue or something...