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    Charger for Mi10Pro TurboCharge (11V-6A)

    Hi, I'd like to buy a second charger for my Mi10Pro for turbo charging wired with EU-Plug. Does anybody has a tip where to get one? What I found out until now: It's the same as for the black shark 3 pro It works with 11V and 6A The original model is named MDY-11-ED I cannot find any somewhere...
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    MIUI Video App as FaceTime

    Hi there, I'm on Miui 11 stable. Is there any native Miui video call app? I want to stay in visible touch with my family in this time and would love to do it with a Miui app. Best regards, Daniel
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    Magisk Module - Which to use for MIX2s

    Hi people, I always try to keep my system as minimal as possible, regarding applications...but nevertheless there are good Magisk functions I'm using. But I'm interested in which you are using on your mix 2s. For me it is YouTube vanced black themed - Magisk repo Systemless Hosts That with...
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    which Covers do you use?

    Hi, I'm interested in which covers you are using and how you like it. I was using a Aluminium Bumper, but the Bluetooth connection got very weak (see at picture). So now I'm using the original, that was in the box, but it felt down and now it is cracked (the cover). And I want to order a new...