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    Recovery Mode PCBA test of microphone no active noise Cancelation

    Hello you guys! - I am a dj i tried to: - livestreams live band concerts - livestream dj - record videos in places with live music and concerts. I have tried to do dj livestreams with my MI phone, and test it with a few models of friends but the sound is very bad, it comes and goes, like a...
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    Active Noise Cancelation and Mi dialer contacts and Messaging

    Hello! I have to Phones Redmi 8 and Redmi 4 prime. Do you confirm the the rom as the dialer and messaging of Miui and not the Google version of this apps, The other and more important question is related do the Active noise cancelation e recording videos, i usually record videos in...
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    help repair screen

    Can anyone tell me where can i send my xiaomi hongmi to repair/change the screen , that is broken. I am in Portugal, does anybody know someone in here that can repair it. If not, in spain? If not in europe? Can you send me the contacts . thank you