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    Miui13 won't connect to miui+

    As title, after update to 13.0.5 on mi11 ultra, miui+ won't connect to the phone. Does someone figured out? ---- sorry have it on different wifi, it work as intendet. consider to cancel the post
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    WhatsApp audio source

    Hello, how can i change audio source for WhatsApp. When im connected to the car, also WhatsApp stream to cars source. In my old note 9 i had this option but on mi11ultra its only for app that can run on background(you can change source in notification center - but with WhatsApp audio, no option...
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    Director's cut vs Globar/Chinese

    Hello, i'm trying to buy a mi 11 ultra and found out that european version, during the presentation, was called "director's cut" - is there some difference? Because in Italy we are still on 1.400€, menawhile i can buy it for 850/900 from China, with Global version. Since i'm going to flash with...