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    Resolved Scanner (MiuiScanner.apk) error scanning documents.

    Hello, the scanner has an error when scanning documents, the error happens when the system language is different from en-US (english). It occurs in the language, Portuguese - Brazil and Portugal, Slovak, Russian, French and others. MIUI 13 by (SKDMIXM) Device: Xioami 11T Pro...
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    New [21.6.23] FC in Settings.apk

    @Igor Eisberg @ingbrzy I already have a screen lock, when I try to enter screen lock modes (PIN, pattern or password) the Settings app closes How to reproduce: Settings > Passwords & security > Screen lock > In my case I draw the pattern. Device: Mi 10T Rom version: (21.6.23) Full Logcat
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    New Bug in FileManager (21.7.14)

    When creating a dual app, File Explorer starts to display same information twice about storage. Device: Mi 10T MIUI version: 21.7.14
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    New [21.5.20] Bug in the color of the image in NotificationCenter.apk

    Bug in the color of the image, it is not possible to distinguish, the image appears white, but it should be dark like the images I attached Settings > Notifications & Control center > Lock screen > Format
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    Resolved [21.4.14] FC in Security app

    I get an FC when trying to access Privacy mask. Settings > Privacy protection > "tab" Protection > Privacy mask java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'void androidx.preference.Preference.setVisible(boolean)' on a null object reference at...
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    Invalid Chinese characters on SecurityCenter.apk

    Where to find them: Settings > Privacy protection > "Tab" Protection > Network interception and Privacy mask There are some images with Chinese characters regardless of the language used. If possible through a patch, enable the option to load the image from the folder: res/drawable-xx-rXX-xxhdpi...
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    Invalid Bug in layout (toggles) MiuiSystemUI (systemui) in Mi 10T

    I have a strange bug since the first weekly version of the MIUI 12.5 for the Mi 10T, there is no alignment in the toggles with two lines in the name, this is a bug is it a new way for them to appear?
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    Camera Frontal Abnormal Mi 10T

    Hi, I'm using version 21.1.20 on the Mi 10t and I realized that when performing the hardware test available in the security application, I have an error in the front camera, it's just a bug in the test information or I should be concerned? PS .: the camera it's working