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    [REQ] Looking for a way to disable the dock and slide screen.

    Looking for the following mods if possible: DIsable/hide the dock at the bottom of the default miui launcher. DIsable the lock screen entirely. No slide, nothing. Power button takes you directly to the launcher. (apps like "no lock" do not work in ICS, there is a bug). If the PIN lock screen in...
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    android.process.acore ForceClose MIUI 1.6.24 HTC desire

    android.process.acore ForceClose MIUI 1.6.24 HTC esire That FC keeps popping up repeatedly. Rebooting did not fix the issue. What is it and why does it keep popping up? Is there a known fix?
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    Feature Requests; dock, unlock, contact groups

    Feature requests: Ability to hide the dock entirely. Change the dock background with a custom image. Disable unlock screen. Unlock screen using the track ball or optical joystick Add shortcuts of gmail contact groups to the homescreen. Allow scrollable widgets on the MIUI homescreen.
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    Toggle buttons in notification area

    Yeah it would be awesome if we could customise the button positions.
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    Notification bar does not stay transparent if alternative homescreen launcher is used

    I've tried adw, launcher pro and go launcher. In all cases the top notification bar stays 100% solid black on the homescreen instead of being transparent. HTC Desire GSM
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    1.5.13 Trackball wake does not unlock screen. AdFree app doesn't work.

    In settings->system->buttons trackball wake is enables but it still doesn't unlock the screen, a swipe down is still required on the lock screen. The adFree android app does not work. Ads still show up in other apps. HTC Desire GSM MIUI android 1.5.13
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    Will MIUI ever be available on the ZTE blade? (orange san fransisco)

    Is there a particular reason it hasn't been developed for that phone yet? I thought both miui and zte were Chinese.