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    VoLTE and dual sim Mi 10

    Hi, I have a Mi 10 with the latest weekly 21.2.3 from, dual sim and both sim's from Vodafone Spain. VoLTE calls only work for me if in the menu that appears with *#*#4636#*#* I put "LTE only" or "NR / LTE". If I put automatic LTE or any other combination that includes LTE, it doesn't...
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    Mi 10 Dual sim 5G+4G

    Hi, I have a Mi 10 European version, only single SIM. My mobile company is Vodafone in Spain and 5G works perfectly. I would like to install to get dual SIM. I have read that dual SIM works well, but I have the doubt about if 5G works with 2 sims. Can I get 5G on the primary SIM...