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    HD contact photo sync with facebook

    Hi all! I have question to You: does HD photo sync with facebook and then google account works for You? As I was on regular android (it was long long time ago and two phones ago) HD photo sync worked (I used haxsync). On Miui always it was like this I used haxsync (as always) to sync contact...
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    Tasker (And maybe other apps) issues with MIUI after changing to 2.3.* Source

    I think I found a solution: As a trigger I set Notification for messaging app, then I copy Notification variable to my variable lets say notyf_txt. Then Variable search and replace, search for New message arrived, tick replace, but leave the field empty. the Misc -> Say -> Message from...
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    MIUI and wired headset

    Hi there, I have a problem with my headset. I can only end a call with it. I am not able to answer the call nor play/pause function. running *#*#6484#*#* the phone failed to correctly recognize pressing of the buttons with my headset. I correctly play music after pressing it once, but...
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    Language Pack 1b Issues

    last screen is the same on my SGS, I have also in settings in call settings only chinese signs.