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    Screen buttons

    On Miui 4 there is a feautre to desible the buttons(home, back,menu) but is there a way to get them on the screen just like on Galaxy Nexus ? Im on SGS II.
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    1.12.16 wont update

    I download the OTA update and after installing it still showed 1.12.9 , then I downloaded the ROM from here and after installing it again still the same , though I can see some changes , I guess only the settings is showing the old version. Im on i9100.
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    MIUI 1.10.21 - I9100 Bugs

    I thought I should tell the bugs that I see so maybe the devs will fix them on the comming relases. High and HD video recording doesnt work. If i turn off the phone then plug in the charger the phone will turn on after showing the charging animation for 5-10 secs. The softkeys lights...
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    Miui Port To Galaxy Spica

    Hello all. Im a Samsung Galaxy Spica user and i saw Miui Rom for a while ago , its really awesome. One galaxy spica dev is trying to port it but without the source its not possible. i wanted to know if i can get the source and where , im asking this cus i read that Miui Rom is a opensource...