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    Any plan to develop stable Mi3 wcdma recovery?

    Hi everyone, Any of you has a plan to develop a cwm for mi3 wcdma? I known that there was one from Ray globe based on M1cha's recovery but when i use it, it seems to be unstable (i always have mic problem when updating to new weekly development rom). So now i must switch to Mi recovery. Many...
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    [Bug] Mi3 wcdma don't show device name

    As the title stated, my xiaomi Mi3 Wcdma show model number is "unknown" as in attached picture, some day ago it still shown as "Mi 3w", anyone known how to solve this. Many thanks! Sent from my unknown using Tapatalk
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    [ROM] AOSP 4.4 by Ivan - Guide to install

    Hi all, As we known, Ivan developed a Kitkat ROM recently, and on 14.11.2013, he updated this ROM with dualboot support and rooted. I successful installed this ROM on my Mi2. So I decide to share some experiences of mine when I install this. First, you could download all the necessary file in...