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    4 Pro - Problem With Audio From Speaker/capsule

    That would be good news, thanks for the update. But I do hope users do not have to switch to weekly updates to get this fix.
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    Who Has Redmi 4 Pro From *******?

    Hi. Happy to do so if you tell me what to do and I manage to do it. Btw, I am still happy with this ROM, still no issues. Only issue is the crackling sounds sometimes as described in other thread. When I read all the issues with EU ROM and global ROM I have decided to stick with this until...
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    Screen Wake Up Problem

    Are you trying to wake up through the finger print scanner? Min has similar issue. If a notification pops up on lock screen (for instance Whatsapp) and screen switches off again I cannot wake with fingerprint. I have to first press power button and then either select the message or wake phone...
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    Eu Rom Use In Asia - Gps Performance?

    Hi, I have the redmi 4 prime and live in Asia. I consider installing EU Rom. According to the difference article " Vs Global Rom Differences" the EU GPS is optimized for Europe. What does that mean and does it mean the performance of my device GPS will be less over here in Asia...
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    Redmi 4 Prime Cant Connect To Mi Pc Suite

    Hi, I have tried to connect my phone to PC (Windows 7) using MI PC suite but cant connect. The error varies but often it is "you need to upgrade your device before you can connect". I have searched the fora for an answer but have not managed to find an answer. Anyone managed to connect their...
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    4 Pro - Problem With Audio From Speaker/capsule

    Thanks for the update. In terms of the icons I downloaded Nougat N theme and used my original theme with the icons from Nougat N. Much nicer icons in my opinion. Any further findings with global ROM so far? Sent from my Redmi 4 pro using Tapatalk
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    4 Pro - Problem With Audio From Speaker/capsule

    Hi Londrake, very interested to hear if a) it fixes the issue with the sound and b) what your overall impression is of the new global rom. I am very tempted to install global rom but would be good to hear what your experience is.
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    4 Pro - Problem With Audio From Speaker/capsule

    Mine has that same problem, but I am still running the (fake) ******* Rom, That makes me even more eager to have the new stable Global ROM if that would solve what really is a software problem and not a high volume distortion as some have suggested.
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    4 Pro - Problem With Audio From Speaker/capsule

    I have the same problem with Redmi 4 pro, when I receive notifications for whatsapp or email the loudspeaker crackles as if the volume is too high. If I play the same notification theme in music player at max volume it sounds fine. So in my opinion this is a software issue. I use MP3 files as...
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    Camera Xiaomi Redmi 4a Vs Camera Redmi 4 Prime

    Talking about camera quality, can you comment on following: my Redmi 4 prime seems reluctant to use its flash even when light is quite low when the flash mode is in AUTO. If I put flash to always on it will flash but in auto mode it will often not flash even in low light conditions, whereas...
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    Can't Unlock On Fake Rom & Can't Change Rom Without Unlocking

    You mention nasty rom from *******. I have been using that rom for a month now while waiting for official eu rom release. I have had no issues with the stability of that rom to date. What am I missing here, why is the rom nasty? Are there viruses or so that I missed? Sent from my Redmi 4...
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    Mi 4s External Sd Card

    Redmi 4 does take a micro sd card, it goes in the slot of the 2nd sim Sent from my Redmi 4 using Tapatalk
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    Who Has Redmi 4 Pro From *******?

    And it had 0 bloat ware.. Sent from my Redmi 4 using Tapatalk
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    Who Has Redmi 4 Pro From *******?

    I have the redmi 4 pro from ******* with the rom. I have used it for 3 weeks now. I have to say I have seen no significant issues with that Rom. It is fast, stable (not 1 crash in 3 weeks) and I have yet to find any serious bugs. So I am at a loss why people are so anxious to get...
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    Your Thoughts Of Redmi 4 (pro)

    Hi - your screen with power usage looks quite different from mine - what ROM are you using?
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    Your Thoughts Of Redmi 4 (pro)

    Battery life indeed impressive. Used the phone first time for 4 days. See the attached screenshot for onscreen time. More than 11 hours... BTW- can no longer access theme site. Anyone else with the same problem?
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    Differences Between Global Rom And Eu Rom

    Following this.. I too seem to to the have this "fake" rom. Btw iIbought this at *******. But it seems to work quite well and absolutely no Chinese bloat ware. But I really do not see the advantage of going to Eu rom, especially since I currently live in Asia. Happy to hear...
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    Your Thoughts Of Redmi 4 (pro)

    Found one more review. Not allowedto paste the link, it is from Smartphone wars. This is a very enthusiastic review, not sure it is completely objective given also the link to the seller of the phone. Anyway, I have ordered the phone so let's see. One other question, there is not much available...
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    Your Thoughts Of Redmi 4 (pro)

    The first real review I found on YT for the redmi 4 prime mentioned that performance was not so great at all. Many stutters in the UI and not very good performance in applications such as games. Also reviewer was not very enthusiastic about headphone sound and call quality. I am planning to buy...