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    New [21.5.27] Mi 9 Wireless charging crashing constantly

    Issue occured after updating from Global stable to 20.12.28 and still occurs on 21.1.6. Whenever I charge my phone using original Xiaomi 20W Qi desk charger or 20W Qi car charger my phone stops charging after a few minutes, then restores charging after like one minute and whole process repeates...
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    Invalid Missing Xiaomi Airdots 2 animation

    On early November relases there was an animation when you opened Airdots 2 Pro case nearby. There was battery percentage of both earphones and the case. Now it's gone. Could it be brought back?
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    Invalid Bluetooth codec setting won't stay on LHDC

    So I've got Xiaomi Airdots 2 Pro which support LHDC. However when I select LHDC as current Bluetooth codec, it switches back to SBC or AAC when these headphones are connected. Is it a bug?
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    Possibility of porting Mi 9 Pro 5g features to Mi 9

    Hi Would it be possible to port features of Mi 9 Pro 5g to Mi 9? I mainly think about LHDC codec, which should be possible because there exists an app that let's you play music through Bluetooth with this codec (Hi-Res Bt Player). Another feature is Haptic Feedback, even with weaker Mi 9...