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    miui problems

    from recent past i had a lot of trouble with miui when iam using the phone suddenly is rebooting not one time but three times, when i connect my phone to usb pc, after disconnecting again reboot,sometimes the phone is stuck i have to remove the battery, iam using stable 2.3.5a, with no language...
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    2.3.5 stable

    where are the stable roms
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    where is Stable 2.3.5a ?

    do any one know how to get eng pack for stable 2.3.5
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    power off bug and screen lock too

    when i came frm stable 2.3.4 to beta my phone restarting suddenly and when i playing games my screen is locking automatically, i pissed off with this prob pls help me
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    2.3.5 stable

    when will be the language pack for stable will be updated
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    ota updates

    iam using defy i downloaded ota zip for defy frm website but i dont kow wat to do later i.e how to install it and after installing how to update through it
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    2.3.5 stable

    when will 2.3.5 will relaese when i go to stable roms after going it shows 2.3.4 a omly
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    miui app drawer

    iam not asking how to make a app drawer, iam asking the developers to make an app drawer for the next stable or beta version, see if we dont have a app drawer we will use another launcher, iam asking why we should use another launcher....pls miui developers be concern this issue
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    miui app drawer

    it would be really awesome if miui developers make a app drawer for next update, if not atleast make the apps to stay in order according to the alphabet