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    On the Nexus One you can hit the settings and volume down key at the same time to take a screenshot. Try if this works on your phone as well.
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    Can we request the old App toggle?

    They probably have an overhaul for both search and running apps planned. Just give it some time.
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    Official english MIUI site launched

    Great news, an official english MIUI site has been launched with guides, info, videos, walkthroughs etc. Several MIUI translation projects such as this one ( is linked under downloads.
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    Beta forever?

    You would rather have it a bit more stable "as is" then that the chinese developers keep cranking out insane amounts of improvements all the time? This ROM might keep on being developed on at this pace for quite some time, so either find an older version of it that you feel comfortable with...
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    An Introduction to MIUI?

    You should do a search on Youtube for "MIUI android", sorting by newest. That would probably give you a pretty good idea about what MIUI is. MIUI is heavily influenced from iOS and the team behind it have taken some of the best parts from that, regular android and some ideas of their own. You...
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    What's their endgame/how do they make money?

    I think I heard somewhere that the MIUI development team have at least one full-time employee, and they must pour down a lot of hours every week to keep their current pace. Are they simply looking for some chinese phone manufacturer to partner up with and have MIUI pre-installed on their...
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    MIUI ROM - A Complete Guide

    You should probably add .mtz to that list, which I guess maybe stands for MIUI Theme Zip. It's the files used for custom MIUI themes.
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    Music progress/search bar, problems in multiple music players

    In 1.4.1 the progress bar in PowerAMP, Spotify and Doubletwist Media Player is acting really weird. I can't imagine this being due to anything other than the newer versions of MIUI. When you try to skip forward in a song by dragging the little indicator of where you currently are it doesn't...
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    Feature Request: Add now playing (song - artist - ?album?) to lock screen

    Not sure if it is possible since different apps probably have different ways of displaying this info. If it is possible, which I doubt, the Chinese devs will probably add it at one point or another.