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  1. umiboozu

    GPS / GNSS accuracy

    Hi, I’m using xiaomi devices for a while, and only with, thanks to them. I had MiPad4 , mi 6, 8, 10Tpro, 11Tpro..... But all the time, I got a GPS with a poor accuracy, something like 5 meters. And sometimes it goes to 20m. GPS status show me 3.9 minimum of assumed accuracy . 4 years...
  2. umiboozu

    [FEATURE REQUEST] increase camera video bitrate

    Hi, the bitrate of video shoot with a xiaomi phone is around 20Mbit\s ( 2.5Mo\s ) for 1k60fps , and 50Mbit\s ( 6 Mo\s) for 4k60 fps. I think that it would be a cool feature to allow users to get better bitrate if they choose to. Some third app, with Camera2 API , seem to allow to going up to...
  3. umiboozu

    New 4G very slow

    Since some version of ago, my 4G is really slow. I full wiped my phone and installed the last, still the same I do not have this problem on my mipad and 4G router with the same sim cards, on wifi evrything is OK Telegram is around 50ko/s maximum ExpressVPN unable to connect...
  4. umiboozu

    MI9SE : TWRP can’t uncrypt SD anymore, no more TWRP ?

    Hi, I just updated to 20.3.26 , but my TWRP ( 3.3.1-1018) can’t read the SD. It does not ask the pattern to unloch. I try to find a new TWRP, but there no more TWRP grus for MI9SE in the xiaome.EU list. Someone have the lastet one ?
  5. umiboozu

    New back and menu buttons switching itself randomly

    Hi, since one month , I got my buttons in the navbar , switching for no reasons. I use the «mirror button» , but after a moment, whatever the «mirror button» is switch on or off, the buttons get back in wrong way « back in the left, menu is the right» I'm I the only one? 9.6.5
  6. umiboozu

    MI8 SE : fail encryption

    Hi, just after have installed on my mi8se, I launched a encryption , but the process stop and a got the message "encryption was interrupted" does anybody else encounter this problem? TWRP :3.2.3-1227-XIAOMI8SE-CN-wzsx150 xiaomi.eu_multi_MI8SE_9.1.17_v10-9
  7. umiboozu

    suggestion : automatic stop charge

    Hi, It seems that the better way to keep a better lifetime's battery is to not charge the phone at 100%. So , I want to find a way to automatically stop the charge at a precise amount, like 90%. For now I just have an alarm with an app. I found a magisk module for that but it does not work for...
  8. umiboozu

    New Vpn Not Connecting

    Hi, I try to connect to a VPN with PPTP and L2TP, but it fail, when it works perfectly on other phone. I am alone? miui 8.2.1
  9. umiboozu

    No 60 Fps

    I can't shoot movie in 60 fps with my mi5s. Is it impossible with this phone? thank you for your help MIUI global
  10. umiboozu

    Max Fps Shooting Moovie

    Hi, can you tell me how many fps you have when you shoot movie with your phone? Someone did shoot in 4K+60fps? Thank you for sharing your experience