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  1. Trav1sty

    Can you please delete my account?

    Can you please delete my account?
  2. Trav1sty

    send to picasa

    You need to install media uploader. It's part of the standard AOSP ROMs (like Cyangoen). Not sure why it's not in MIUI but you can download it here.
  3. Trav1sty

    Will MIUI be updated to 2.3.5?

    2.3.5 on Nexus One.
  4. Trav1sty

    GPS Monitoring - Security Concern

    It could be caused by Google Latitude if you're logged in.
  5. Trav1sty

    MIUI 0.11.19 Release-notes! (Week-13)

    Activate the flip to silence feature in the settings. Then flip your phone over when in a meeting. Sent from my Nexus One using the Forums App