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    New Mi Cloud Sync Issues

    Hello, i have some issues when syncing my gallery on Mi Cloud. Even in WiFi, it can't sync. Sometimes it take more than 2 days on constant WiFi to sync 5 pictures ... Sometimes it can't. I have tested my WiFi an it works like a charme. I also completely reset my phone without success I'm on...
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    New Performance Mode Didn't Work On Redmi Note 2 Prime

    Performmance mode didin't work on 5.9.11 on Redmi note 2 prime I have tested my RedmiNote 2 prime on antutu and i have the same score even in performance mode. i have check with CPUZ and the governor didn't change even if i enable the performance mode. Is there an issue with the performance...
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    New Redmi Note 2 Music Player Issue

    Hello, i have a 64 Gb Sd card and my music on it. i have around 8500 musics and the default miui music player can't handle with this ! it didn't show me my music. It turn around and around and around and never show me anything. I've tested with VLC and all my music is correctly detected. Any...
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    New 5 Icons In The Tray Returns To 4 After Reboot

    Hello, I have an issue on my mi4 on v5.1.30 and the latest 5.6.2 When i put 5 icons on the tray and reboot my phone, only 4 are displays after reboot. the first one is moved on one of my screen. Is ther a fix to keep 5 icons on the tray even after a reboot ? Thx in advance ^^
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    Voicemail notification MIUIv6

    Hello, Is there an action to do for having a spot or anything else on the phone app when someone leave you a voicemail message ? i only have a notification on the notification panel. Thanks in advance ^^