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  1. yaatzek

    [MOD] Extended Settings Menu Options

    I know when was the last update, from Your question it follows that You know that it won't be developed...:p Maybe since last update there was no need in updating esm? Let's give Andy some time, maybe he's on hollidays or something...
  2. yaatzek

    [MOD] Extended Settings Menu Options

    How do you know it won't?
  3. yaatzek

    Can't login to forum using tapatalk

    Weird thing: i can't login on forum using tapatalk. I get "wrong username or password" message. Through web i can normally login as you can see. I didnt change anything on my account. Forum on tapatalk worked this morning and now it wont. I didnt mess up anything today with my phone :)
  4. yaatzek

    You tube bug.

    On latest miui release I can't send any video to you tube, I get fc. pictures are sending ok to picassa. Can you confirm this?
  5. yaatzek


    Just recorded some video (ca 2 min) on latest miui on sgs - no laggs at all.
  6. yaatzek

    1.9.16 trying to update to 1.9.9

    Just uninstall update app using f.e. Titanium.
  7. yaatzek

    1.9.2 Battery drain again?

    Yeah, totally agree. Give the battery some time to settle after every flash.
  8. yaatzek

    [MOD]4-Way Reboot 2.1.13

    There is one :)