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  1. Cyanonymous

    Invalid Xiaomi Redmi 9T Glow bar bug

    There is an error in the brightness bar or when the phone is idle for a long time, I activate it again and the brightness bar takes a long time to work, it hangs and becomes slow when raising and lowering the brightness This happens in the stable version 12.5.4 for the note 94g - hm9t
  2. Cyanonymous

    install an app

    greetings how can I install an app gives me this error when doing it for example messages or contacts and calls even to install a launcher Enviado desde mi Redmi 8A mediante Tapatalk
  3. Cyanonymous

    Update apps

    Greetings to the whole community I wanted to ask how I can update the applications of messages called in general those of the system I have tried but it leads me to an error that I cannot install any application that is not from an official channel what is that channel or where can I get those...