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  1. Gerry003

    Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S wireless charging stopped working

    Today my Mi Mix 2S stopped working wireless charging. The charging logo is not shown on the screen nore its loading when put on the charger pad (Nilkin pad). Line charging is working well. EU Rom 8.5.17 is running on the Mi MIX 2S smoothly. Has someone an idea to resolve this issue of no more...
  2. Gerry003

    No More Connection To Xiaomi Server Via Mi Home App [solved]

    Today the mi home app stopped working to control my various mi home appliances (China Mainland server). Re-installing mi home app, clearing cache/data, VPN Hongkong, downgrade mi home app > all without success! Is there a special reason for this happening (Maby server holidays in china etc.)...
  3. Gerry003

    Eu Rom For Mi Mix 2s

    Does someone know when the EU ROM will be available for Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S?
  4. Gerry003

    The Mi Smart Home Fan For Cool Days And Hot Nights ...

    Natural air stream with a Xiaomi smartmi Fan The smartmi fan works at a glance. Just out of the box i could assemble within some minutes and easy setup to my wifi network. smartmi fan - easy WIFI setup Its very comfortable to control (4 speeds) the different air streams (natural/straight...
  5. Gerry003

    First Steps With A Ih Rice Cooker Outside China

    Safety first - Plug&Play with no compromise! Do you trust those chinese adapters (missing approvals & EU conformity) for the mains supply? I do not put them to the proof! So cut the original chinese plug and renew it by an approved (!) european SCHUKO plug (230V/50Hz/16A). The setup...
  6. Gerry003

    Missing Menu <settings/wlan/advanced Setting/wlan Frequency Band>

    The menu for manual setting of the WLAN frequency band is no more available: - Automatic - 5 GHz only - 2.4 Ghz only It looks to me that instead this menu the WLAN frequency band is set to <Automatic> as default. Does someone can confirm this? Mi5pro MIUI 8.3 by 7.2.16 Beta