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  1. 76luca

    Mi 5 Magnetic Sensor

    In the service menu magnetic sensor is not present so compass do not work. Any suggestions? I've done wipe data but is not working Sent from my MI 5 using Tapatalk
  2. 76luca

    Backup And Restore - Google Backup Not Working

    When I go to Settings->Additional Settings->Backup & Reset > backup account: no account is currently storing backed up data. And remain grey, so i could not choose any account. I've a got a Google account correctly working. I've see in with china dev there is the same issue. Any...
  3. 76luca

    New Music App And Lyrics

    I've got Miui 8 weekly, 6.9.1 and the function lyrics in the default music app doesn't work, no available lyrics displayed. I'm the only who need this function working? Inviato dal mio Mi-4c utilizzando Tapatalk
  4. 76luca

    Miui Music App And Lyrcs

    I've got miui 8, last weekly. The function lyrics in default Music app doesn't work since miui 7 version. Anybody can suggest me how to make it work?obviously, If it could possibile make work it Inviato dal mio Mi-4c utilizzando Tapatalk