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  1. 5ulo

    Mi4c - Spontaneous Restart After Turning Display Off

    My friend has bought Mi4C with .eu rom from january 2016. All was ok except when the phone goes sleep (turns display off) it spontaneous restars and again boots into MIUI. When the display turns off again after this boot, the phone reboots again.. and again. I tried full wipe (also data &...
  2. 5ulo

    Flash Partition Error

    Hi there. Till yesterday I was on latest sMIUI KK for my Mi2. Few times I have tried MIUI V6 but it was always terrible. Yesterday I read a lot about MIUI V7 and I was surprised all was good. So I flashed latest CN v6 via fastboot (because I needed new partition table - merged storage) and then...
  3. 5ulo

    [buy] Camera module for Mi2

    My camera module is broken (macro focusing isn't working) so I'm looking for a new one. Where to buy? Thanks Sent from my MI 2 using Tapatalk
  4. 5ulo

    [SOLVED] MHL (HDMI) problem

    Has anyone tried HDMI thru MHL (USB) connector? Tried it on Galaxy Nexus with and Samsung Note and it worked. Then I tried my Xiaomi M2 with rom. TV has detected, that there is something connected but with message NO SIGNAL. Tried it also on second TV.
  5. 5ulo

    Tutorial Mount MTP device under Linux

    Unless my Xiaomi Mi2 isn't working like USB mass storage I found this tutor how to mount my device under linux. It's a bit uncomfortable and slow, but it works..
  6. 5ulo

    How to connect as USB storage

    Hi, I have installed latest 2.12.7 on my M2 and when I connect M2 to my computer, it doesn't mount like on original M2 MIUI ROM. Is there any option that can do the classic USB storage switch for mounting? Here is what I have on my DHD and that same thing was on unboxed MIUI...