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    Revolut compatibility?

    Does any of you use or have any issues with this app? I have k20 pro 8/128 model running the last stable version 12.5.6 If I search the play store for that app a message " your device isn't compatible with this version google pay" is shown. Because it's an banking app I do not want to install it...
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    Port of Miui 13 for Mi9T :cool:

    Fingerprint is not working. Pop-Up camera does not work also. So the only option is pin lock. Shame that they will not make at least one miui version. The device have plenty horsepower...
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    Native aplications

    You can just disable the stock apps. To remove/uninstall stock app you have to have root. To do that you have to been unlocked. Be aware that unlocking will wipe your phone data
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    How it is in the Mi 9T Pro?/¿Que tal va en el Mi 9T Pro?

    Latest stable room is super. Be aware that the EU ROM is based on the CN ROM, meaning the luncher, dialed app, contacts app, sms app etc. are deferent.
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    Mi WIFI router 3 Firmware Upgrade & factory Reset Problem

    I wonder is this v3 significantly deferent that the v2.12.x befora that.
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    Microphone Not Working Properly

    In that case you have 2 more things to do. 1-Try stock MIUI 10 fastboot rom. If microphone is OK then try update to 11 and12 and 12.5 2-If it dowes not work again then a hardware issue of some kind :-(
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    Microphone Not Working Properly

    Guys, if it is not hardware issue, then it is obvious a software issue. Do a clean install. I know it's a chore but...... I am on 12.5.6 and have no issues. Make a backup using the mi backup, do a clean install and restore
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    Miui 12.5.6 update (9 Nov)

    I just checked the call recorder records and no issues.
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    Miui 12.5.6 update (9 Nov)

    Everything works. I feel little bit faster rendering overall.
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    Just for the test: Make a complete TWRP backup. Wipe all and install miui 12.5.5 again. Just test fingerprint sensor. If it works, then you have to make new install and restore apps. If not, bad may be defective camera. After tests, wipe and restore backup
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    Interesting. Which ROM version? Do you have any screen protectors-glass or gel? Replaced screen?
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    System navigation

    Small correction-the gestures work, but only on stock lunchers
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    Home Button with Poco Launcher in a 9TPro

    Did you try Settings-apps-manage apps-the 3 dots on the top right-default apps-luncher and set it there manual?
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    Last stabile 12.5.4 firmware

    I totally agree. This version is total BS. No gestures on other lunchers except the stock one, slow, buggy etc etc. Unfortunately I did forget to make twrp backup before flash and decided to stick with this one with the hope for future improvements...
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    TWRP Backup : Error 255 in createTarFork() process.

    I did face the same problem when I have used SECOND SPACE or DUAL APPS. Try to remove/uninstall the DUAL APPS , reboot, reboot again in TWRP and try the backup again.
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    Banking App Problem

    Do you have root/magisk? If yes, go to magisk , find magisk hide and hide the root access to this banking app. Also somewhare there was an option to rename the magisk app. Do it .
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    Widgets don't work on 12.0.5

    I have no such problems, but have an suggestion. Delete and recreate the widget again, and after that make the corresponding app locked in memory and not to use the MIUI OPTIMIZED BATTERY profile. If you use other luncher like me, make the same changes to it also.
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    Unstable promissory sensor

    By the time passed from your post and the lack of responses I guess that's not spread issue. I am personally not experiencing any issue with the proximity sensor. What is the xiaomi test/testing showing?
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    Fingerprint reboot on MIUI 12

    Have any of you tried to flash the miui10.3.17 fastboot rom/files? And after that to upgrade to v12 check then?
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    Fingerprint reboot on MIUI 12

    I see. I doubt it that the guys/developers from will be able to help you in any way. Firmware stuff is very tricky. I hope for any of you with that issue that xiaomi will fix the issue, because it seems that only they can.