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    New Issues with Magisk and 20.01.21

    Hello, After installing magisk (ive tried alot of versions) and trying to load up my phone after reboot, I'm greeted with: I haven't really used a new rom from aside from the ones before gestures were broken on 3rd party launchers (09.13.20) or around there so im unsure if this is...
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    HELP! FNG isn't pushing buttons off screen :(

    I need some help with FNG. I've re-installed roms several times and am trying to get rid of that awful nav bar at the bottom. I've watched YouTube tuts on how to hide buttons and it looks so easy for people on there to just run the ADB/root command/request and then just click the hide nav...
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    CC9 Pro (Note 10) can't reboot to system after flashing ROM

    Probably have to format data and wipe dalvik/cache? Looks like you're going from stable to weekly, which usually requires a data format i think. Also,I'm using the newest version of TWRP available, the one you mentioned, on TUCANA also, (cc9pro) with no issues, I've flashed back and forth...