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    [Tutorial] Battery drain & lag after OS update

    Of course you can use it for any Android ROMs from Android 7.0 to 12.0
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    Gallery app

    Anyone using latest EU beta 20.12.29 here? Can you share me the Gallery apk file?
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    New Font style in third-party apps

    In recent releases (from August till now), there are some changes in MIUI font engine (idk if it's a feature or a bug). That change causes several font style issues in some third-party apps like Facebook, etc. In older releases (July and older), Facebook was able to display all font styles...
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    New "Gestures hint" bar disappear

    On the latest update, the pill (the bar located at the bottom of screen while using Full screen gestures) keeps disappearing after rebooting the phone. After rebooting the phone, the pill shows properly. But if you open Control Center then close it, the pill will disappear from any apps and...
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    New Gesture bug on 20.5.7

    Hello :) I have updated to EU 20.5.7 on my whyred. Everything work fine, except "Raise to wake" gesture. I turned it on, but it doesn't work .-. Anyone face it too?
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    New Missing some UI elements

    Read my thread carefully bro .-. I don't mention about's custom icon pack
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    New Missing some UI elements

    I have flashed MIUI EU 12 20.4.30 on whyred, and I noticed that MIUI EU is missing some UI elements/animations compared to stock China Beta. Here are they: 1. Missing "bounce/spring" animation in MIUI System Apps. 2. Some system apps are using old UI from MIUI 11 (Clock, Dialer & Contacts...
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    Invalid MIUI 12 Missing some icon - mi mix 2

    As I known, MIUI 12 (only on Android 10) uses a new "window to icon animation" (almost alike Android Adaptive Icon). Xiaomi EU has a very very old icon pack, which will not be applied on some supported apps (animated icon). EU designers need to work to update their old icon pack for MIUI 12.
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    Resolved Wrong Lock screen date in eu 20.4.30

    Same issue with Vietnamese language
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    [20.4.30] Volume Bar Laggy touch - Redmi Note 5 Pro

    It's a bug (or maybe a feature, idk) on stock China Beta, so EU developers may not fix that. It's need to be fixed by Xiaomi developers.
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    How to disable MIUI Dynamic Font feature?

    Use older Magisk versions. I'm using 20.3 and SafetyNet is passed!
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    How to disable MIUI Dynamic Font feature?

    Hello anyone :) On old MIUI EU 11 versions, which don't have Font weight settings, I was able to install custom fonts (Magisk modules) properly. But now I can't do it anymore, the module has no effect after installing ._. MiLanPro font is still used by default system-wide, it overwrites any...
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    New Bug with font in 9.9.27

    Can you send screenshot?
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    New Some UI elements use incorrect font

    MiRoom has better font than EU :v hope EU team will fix the fonts.xml and SystemUI soon.
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    New MIUI 11 9.9.26 something wrong with animations and any media stuff

    Please record screen and share that screen record.
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    New Some UI elements use incorrect font

    I have just updated my device (RN5) to MIUI EU 11 9.9.26. Everything work fine except some UI issues. As you known, clock should uses the same font alike Lockscreen. But the clock on Quick Settings, in Clock app, and PIN code buttons on lockscreen don't use the correct font. 1. The PIN code...
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    New [Redmi Note 5 Pro/WHYRED] Wifi and Hotspot no longer work together.

    Download and flash this zip to make WiFi & Hotspot works together again (for MIUI Pie only)
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    Invalid Hold Power button to trigger Google Assistant

    Thank you so much! It's working
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    Invalid Hold Power button to trigger Google Assistant

    "Hold power button for 0.5s to trigger Google Assistant" doesn't work on eu 9.8.29 (Redmi Note 5). I hold power button and nothing happen.
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    New Incomplete blur when pulling notification center

    Sometime it appears on my Redmi Note 5 too. I faced it one time on lockscreen. Somehow blur effect didn't appear on Password/Pattern screen after rebooting. This bug only appears on 9.8.29, and it appears randomly